The Start of a Long Road

So I thought that since I am given the opportunity to have a blog with my website that I would use it to tell my story. Or at least parts of it in no specific order as I am ready to share it as it pertains to aspects of my business and life!

I am by no means a writer. I am not great at putting my words onto paper ( or in this case type them to a blog) and I have TERRIBLE writing skills, seriously I def did not do good in English class. 

So lets start with a teen or maybe even earlier than that I started to question things. I had a tendency to over analyze things. I have tried not to but I just can't help it. I'm just wired that way.

I question why we need to have so many different spellings of words just because someone along the way didn't think someone was capable of differentiating that use of the word ( at least that is how I see it) or the fact that someone decided to spell a word a certain way. ( and yes I understand I can only speak for the English language ) So why did we get graded on our spelling, I mean one person along the way decided it got spelled that way, what makes that way better then the way I think it should be spelled. 

That is just the tip of the ice burg for me. It leads me to struggle with school, jobs, friendships and just about every aspect of my life. I mean thankfully as I grow older and wiser ( like a fine wine ) I learn to think outside my own box but its for sure hard.

With every aspect of my business though, I over think every option. Add in some pretty high anxiety and I can loose my ish pretty often! 

You will notice that some times I will design items that I feel would be good for the general public and then ill design something that speaks to me and is very particularly directed at certain types of people, ya know people that have a lot of the same views as myself. Its an inner battle I have with myself daily due to my over analyzing nature.

Over analyzing things leads me to worry more about peoples feelings because I can over think what I think a persons thought process is, what might upset someone or maybe set them off to cause them to be upset with me and I am for sure a people pleaser.

So please know that while I am over here over analyzing all the things, I may design shirts and tumblers with bad language ( truth be told I am 100% an F BOMB Mom!) or something someone finds offensive I promise you I over analyzed it and didn't mean to hurt anyones feelings with anything but I also know that not everyone is a like and has the same views and opinions and I want to cater to everyone while also bringing you a slice of my very outgoing, obnoxious, caring, loving, hard to handle at times, generous, CRAZY ass self! ( yes I'm aware that was a run on sentence according to some scholar along the way and IDC)

So I hope you enjoy my shop because it truly is my Work of over analyzed Heart and I Dream that it will be successful for many years to come, because I sure to love working from home while I care for my kiddos and Mimi!