My Story

Hi! I'm Blake. I am the owner and maker of The Lodge Creations. I am a Wife and Mom of 3.

I am a stay at home mom that wanted to help with some of the financial aspects of our life. I spent a couple years trying out different MLM's and hated every second of it. I'm a control freak with adhd, anxiety, and depression. So naturally MLM's were NOT my cup of tea since you don't really work for yourself.

So here is the story of TLC!

I have been a crafter my entire life. My grandma Rita had me knitting, sewing, painting ceramics and anything else you can imagine at a very young age. She was my favorite person in the world and I loved learning from her. She passed when I was only 7 so crafting is how I kept a piece of her with me. For years my husband asked me how I could make my love for crafting a business. Sadly I had no clue.

One day in 2017 I made something. A Glitter Tumbler. I made it with the most jimmy rigged contraptions imaginable. BUT it worked and they were a HIT. After seeing the success of them I started The Lodge Creations. 

I have spent the last 5 years creating all sorts of things trying to figure out what I loved to make the most. So my collections are ever changing. I don't have a "Niche" I have a passion for all things and refuse to limit myself, cause like I said I'm a control freak with adhd.